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A smile makeover by Florida Smile Studio utilizing porcelain veneers is a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedure aimed at transforming a patient’s smile. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking appearance.

The process all starts with a private consultation. To get get started with a smile makeover in Fort Lauderdale, contact Florida Smile Studio, Today!

What is a Smile Makeover?

The process typically begins with a consultation to evaluate the patient’s oral health and discuss goals and expectations for the smile makeover. If porcelain veneers are deemed suitable, then impressions of the teeth are taken to create custom veneers that are tailored to the patient’s unique smile.

Our porcelain veneers are fabricated in our in-house dental laboratory, same day! The veneers are then carefully bonded to the teeth using a strong dental adhesive, and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure optimal fit and appearance.

Porcelain veneers can effectively address a variety of cosmetic concerns, including discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps, and minor misalignments. With proper care and maintenance, they can provide long-lasting results, giving patients a beautiful and confident smile they can be proud of.





Competitor’s Average Prices

$419 / month

Florida Smile Studio’s Price

$221/ month

Florida Smile Studio
Smile Makeover

$221/ month

  • Upper Starts at $4,999
  • Lower Starts at $4,999
  • Combined Starts at $8,499


  • 10 (upper) porcelain veneers
  • 10 (lower) porcelain veneers
  • Initial exam
  • X-rays and photos with in house master ceramists 

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What’s Included with a Smile Makeover?

Each patient is different, therefore the recommended treatments also vary from patient to patient. Some of the treatments that may be included with your smile makeover include:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Night Guard
  • Teeth whitening

The procedures listed above are often combined to deliver the best results. During your consultation, the dentist will give you a detailed breakdown of how the individual treatments will work together to rejuvenate the appearance of your smile.

How Does the Smile Makeover Work?

In as little as two visits, you can have a completely rejuvenated smile — even if you are missing teeth. On your first visit, our team will perform a comprehensive dental exam. Your first session will include cleaning, X-rays, diagnostics, and we will also take the “before” photos for your before-and-after photographs. If you are having veneers, bonding, or crowns placed, your teeth will be prepared and your scans and/or impressions will be given to our in-house design team. We will help you select the style and shade of your new teeth. We have an on-site master ceramist and use state-of-the-art technology. This means some procedures can be performed the very same day.

On your follow-up visit, your porcelain veneers will be affixed to your teeth. We will also make any finishing touches that are required to ensure you are absolutely thrilled with your new smile. Depending on the present state of your smile, we may recommend gingivectomy, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and or teeth straightening.

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Florida Smile Studio Smile Makeover FAQ

What is Getting Porcelain Veneers Like?

Before we start treatments, your dentist will first walk you through a consultation and evaluation process. This establishes the condition of your oral health and allows the dental practitioner to recommend the best package of treatments.

  • Preparing the teeth. Most smile makeovers include porcelain veneers. Placing the veneers on top of your teeth without altering them would make the veneers stand out from the neighboring teeth. To avoid this issue, the enamel of the the teeth are conditioned to accommodate the veneers. This process is known as enameloplasty.
  • Taking impressions. Once the teeth have been prepared, impressions are then created using either traditional mold techniques or digital scans. These impressions are then sent to the master ceramist, who will craft and tint your permanent veneers.
  • Placing the temporaries. It can take a few days for your permanent veneers to be completed. In the meantime, temporary veneers will be placed and you will wear these until your follow-up appointment. Temporary veneers are usually crafted from a composite resin that uses your impressions as a guide. Your temporaries should give you a decent idea of how your permanent veneers will look. 
  • The follow-up appointment. On your follow-up appointment, your permanent veneers will be placed and you can finally look into the mirror and admire your smile. 
  • Scheduling checkups. Like all dental restorations, you should periodically have your porcelain veneers examined to ensure their longevity. Your dentist will most likely schedule your restoration checkups so they coincide with your regular checkup cycle.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers refer to a brand of no-prep veneers that are crafted from thin pieces of laminate. These are actually so thin that the teeth do not need to undergo a shaving process before they are applied. Lumineers are also semi-translucent. Therefore, if your teeth have dark stains, Lumineers may not be the best option. Most Lumineers last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. In some instances, Lumineers may require several appointments. During your first appointment the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. On the follow-up appointment your Lumineers will be placed.

How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

Since each set of procedures will vary from patient to patient, so too will the overall cost of your smile makeover. If you are looking to improve your smile through a complete makeover, Florida Smile Studio can help you get an idea of the total cost through a free consultation.

Will Insurance Cover My Smile Makeover?

Dental insurance often covers a portion or all of the cost of procedures that are deemed medically necessary. Many restorative treatments not only improve your oral health, but also the appearance of your smile. Before any treatments begin, we will advise you on what procedures are covered by insurance and which may not.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Smile Makeover?

Florida Smile Studio offers same day Smile Makeovers in most cases as some smiles can be corrected in just one visit while others may require up to three visits with the dentist. The number of visits required to achieve your smile will depend on the type of procedures chosen and the state of your oral health.

Is the Process Painful?

A majority of cosmetic treatments cause very little pain or discomfort. During some procedures, a local anesthetic and or sedation dentistry options can be applied to minimize any discomfort and to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.


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