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Permanent Dentures

For edentulous patients (those who have no teeth), restoring the smile can’t happen quickly enough. After all, your self-esteem and health both suffer when you’re missing all of your teeth. Fortunately, there’s a method in which patients can get a complete smile in a procedure that can be performed in a single appointment with a prosthodontist.

Permanent Dentures use a small number of dental implants – typically four – to secure a prosthetic arch. The implants can be placed in a few hours while the patient is under general anesthesia. The patient is also fitted with a temporary acrylic appliance that day. In the several months following the implant placement, osseointegration takes place, leaving the implants as a permanent fixture in the mouth.

After several months, the patient returns to our office to get the permanent appliance. This prosthetic is stronger because it is made of porcelain and incorporates a metal support bar attached to the tooth.

While this method is often advertised as “Teeth in a Day,” patients should recognize that depiction isn’t quite what it sounds like.

It’s important for patients to know that the appointment in which the implants are placed and a temporary appliance is fitted occurs some time after an initial consultation in which the prosthodontist will gather the data needed to plan the procedure, including x-rays or 3-D imaging, like a CBCT.

Additionally, because the initial appliance is temporary, the patient may have some limitations until they get their permanent teeth. The prosthodontist will give you instructions on what you can and can’t do with your temporary appliance and how to maintain it.




Patients who are considering this treatment option often have the following questions:

What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent Dentures is a name that many providers and patients use to refer to All-on-4® dental implants, in which four dental implants are placed to support a denture. Because those four implants can be placed in a few hours and the patient fitted with a temporary appliance at the end of the appointment, the intervention is often referred to as Teeth in a Day or Smile In a Day. However, the procedure requires an initial consultation, and patients aren’t fitted with a permanent appliance until the implants have osseointegrated fully. So, the overall treatment timeline is longer than a single day.

What are All-on-4® implants?

All-on-4 implants is the trademarked name for the Teeth in a Day treatment. The name comes from the four dental implants that our board-certified prosthodontist inserts in your jaw to secure the denture. The outer two implants are angled beneath the gumline to allow them to support the weight of the entire rear portion of the denture.

Am I a candidate for getting my teeth replaced?

The prosthodontist will need to evaluate your case to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment. However, because the four implants are placed at the front of the bone, where jawbone erosion is slower to develop, many patients will be eligible for this treatment, even if they’ve worn conventional dentures for years and have experienced bone loss as a result. The prosthodontist will thoroughly examine you and carefully assess all of the data collected about your case to ascertain whether you will have success with All-on-4®.

What is the cost of Teeth in a Day?

The cost of Teeth in a Day is influenced by many factors and varies from patient to patient. In addition to the fees for the procedure, the total costs can also include fees for imaging, additional procedures and specialist fees. We can discuss the projected cost of the treatment at your evaluation and provide details about the many financing options that will be available to you.



If you are interested in Teeth in a Day to restore your beautiful smile, call our office to schedule your consultation.


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